GRaTiTuDe: “THiS Will ReaLLY Be a GooD DaY” 感恩:“今天将是一个真正的好日子”

GRaTiTuDe is being so beautifully presented by Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.  Watch:

What the elderly man said in the video was so full of wisdom:

” You think this is just another day in your life – it’s not just another day. It’s the one day that is given to you today. It’s given to you. It’s a gift. It’s the only gift that you have right now, and the only appropriate response is gratefulness. If you do nothing else but to cultivate that response to the great gift that this unique day is, if you learn to respond as if it were the first day in your life, and the very last day, then you will have spent this day very well.

Begin by opening your eyes and be surprised that you have eyes you can open, that incredible array of colors that is constantly offered to us for pure enjoyment. Look at the sky. We so rarely look at the sky. We so rarely note how different it is from moment to moment with clouds coming and going. We just think of the weather, and even of the weather we don’t think of all the many nuances of weather. We just think of good weather and bad weather. This day right now has unique weather, maybe a kind that will never exactly in that form come again. The formation of clouds in the sky will never be the same that it is right now. Open your eyes. Look at that.

Look at the faces of people whom you meet. Each one has an incredible story behind their face, a story that you could never fully fathom, not only their own story, but the story of their ancestors. We all go back so far. And in this present moment on this day all the people you meet, all that life from generations and from so many places all over the world, flows together and meets you here like a life-giving water, if you only open your heart and drink.

Open your heart to the incredible gifts that civilization gives to us. You flip a switch and there is electric light. You turn a faucet and there is warm water and cold water — and drinkable water. It’s a gift that millions and millions in the world will never experience.

So these are just a few of an enormous number of gifts to which you can open your heart. And so I wish for you that you would open your heart to all these blessings and let them flow through you, that everyone whom you will meet on this day will be blessed by you; just by your eyes, by your smile, by your touch — just by your presence. Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you, and then it will really be a good day.”

“感恩”被 “Louie Schwartzberg:自然。美丽。感恩。” 如斯这般美丽地呈现出来!请看:





看看你所遇到的周遭人的脸孔。每一个脸孔的背后都有一个了不起的故事,一个你也许永远无法完全捉摸的故事。那不仅仅是他们自己的故事,也包括了他们祖先的故事。而在这一天,在这当下,所有你遇到的人,都从不同年代,不同地方到此地与你相遇,就像给予生命的水汇流在一起。而你, 你只须打开你的心扉,便能畅快地痛饮。

打开你的心扉去接收文明给我们带来不可思议的礼物吧 — 你只须打开开关,就有电灯;你打开水龙头,就有温水和冷水 – 和饮用水。这些都是世界上数百万人无法拥有的经验,却是你可拥有的许许多多的礼物中的其中一小部分。

所以我极希望你能打开你的心扉去接收所有这些的祝福。用你的双眼,你的微笑,你的触摸 – 或仅仅是你的存在。让感恩满溢地的祝福着你,那么今天将是一个真正的好日子!”


A Parade of STrenGThs 性格强项游行

A parade of character strengths by people from all walks of life (please click on the links to read about their inspiring stories):


Do you have inspiring stories of people with character strengths to share?  Share them HERE!

你有关於性格强项的好故事吗? 欢迎你在这里分享!

The character strength of BRAVERY 性格优点的“勇敢”

“I left on Friday, I walked to school. Today I’m walking back home.
They can’t beat me.”

The character strength of BRAVERY is not about being fearless, it is about taking a course of action in the presence of fear and danger.  We recently wtinessed an excellent demonstration of the character strengths of “Bravery, Hope, Love and Gratitude” by a 12-year-old.


性格优点里的“勇敢”绝不是相等於“无畏”。“勇敢”是在面对於恐惧和危险时,采取行动。我们最近就亲眼见证了一个十二岁的小男孩为“ 勇气,希望,爱和感恩 ”这四个性格优点作了一个最好的示范!

Bosses Take Note! 老板们请注意!

Referred by a friend: Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation.

According to Daniel Pink, a career analyst, employees today are motivated less by monetary rewards than by the following three key factors:
Autonomy – the urge to direct your own life
Mastery – the desire to get better and better from something that matters
Purpose – the yearning to do what we do in the service of something that is larger than ourselves.

Looking around people we work with, especially the new Generation Y, there seems to be quite some truths in the theory.  Bosses, something to take note!

Do you agree with Daniel Pink’s views? You are most welcome to share your views in this blog.


自治 – 主导自己生活的强烈欲望
精练  – 渴望把对自己有重要性的事情做得更好
意义  – 渴望提供超越小我,有更大意义的服务。

放眼四周,特别是新一代的 ” 八十后” ,以上理论似乎有相当的道理。老板们, 请注意了!


eCoach – Try it! 电子辅导 – 不妨一试! launched its Inner Game Electronic Coach and making it available for FREE for a limited period of time.

According to the website, the Inner Game eCoach is ” … a web-based personal coaching tool that helps you define your objectives, motivations, and strategies for moving towards your desired outcomes.  The process is designed to clarify your thinking about any issue,  problem, or goal.”

I tried it myself and found it a rather effective tool to help clarify and simply my thinking about an issue to enable me to be more focussed.

You may wish to give it a try: The Inner Game eCoach.  This may be particularly helpful if:
1. your issues are not a major one (but a confused one);
2. you do not really want to go through the hassles of finding a suitable coach;
3. you cannot justify nor see the need to pay for a coach for the issue; and
4. you do not wish or are uncomfortable to share your issues with others.

The Inner Game is an approach/methodology developed by Tim Gallwey for the development of personal and professional excellence in a variety of fields. Gallwey believes that “Every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game. The former is played against opponents, and is filled with lots of contradictory advice; the latter is played not against, but within the mind of the player, and its principal obstacles are self-doubt and anxiety.”

You can read more abou the Inner Game HERE. 推出了其“内部比赛”电子辅导,并在有限期间将它免费提供给有兴趣的人参於。

根据网站的信息,“内部比赛”电子辅导是 “……一个自我辅导(self-coaching)的网络工具。它可帮助你定义你的目标,动机和策略,以向你所设的目标前进。它的设计让你能在过程中,你的思想,以澄清有关的任何问题现在,问题或目标。”

我尝试了, 觉得它是一个相当有效的自我辅导工具。它帮助我专注于我想要解决的问题,并帮助我进一步澄清问题的关键所在。

你可以一试 : “内部比赛”电子辅导。这可能是你的一个好‘帮手’, 如果 —
1. 你的问题并不太大(但却感到思绪不清);
2. 你不想去面对寻找一个合适辅导教练的麻烦;
3. 你不能为你的问题自圆其说地去支付辅导教练;
4. 你不想与他人分享你的问题。

“内部比赛”是由Tim Gallwey所研究开发为个人和专业寻求杰出表现的一个方法。Gallwey认为,“每场比赛都是由两部分组成的:外在的实质比赛以及内部的心理赛。前者着重打击对手,并充满很多矛盾的建议;后者则是参赛者自己的心理状态和想法, 主要障碍来自自我怀疑和焦虑。”


Courage, Humor, Hope, Persistence, Self-Regulation 勇气, 幽默, 乐观, 毅力,自我规范

Witness Amy Purdy’s character strenghts of Courage, Humor, Hope, Persistence, Self-Regulation.

见证艾米普尔蒂的性格优点:勇气, 幽默, 乐观, 毅力自我规范

Amy’s story and her blog 艾米普尔蒂的故事和她的部落格:

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