Good One! – take 2 好东西(续)!


Peter Drucker (1905-2005) on Building STRENGTHS:

“We will have to learn to build organizations in such a manner that any man who has strength in one important area is capable of putting it to work.”

“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths, making our system’s weaknesses irrelevant”

Some useful reflective questions to ask yourself:
1. Do you know your strengths?
2. Have you been able to apply and use your strengths each day at and outside of the workplace?
3. Are you a leader who focuses on building strengths?

彼得·德鲁克 (1905-2005) — 建立优势:



2。 你可有机会每天都在工作上和工作以外运用你的实力吗?
3。 你是一个着重於建设实力优势的领袖吗?