A Christmas Gift 一份圣诞礼物。

A VIA Character Strengths profiling analysis report (see Sample Report ) to anyone who would like to learn more about his/her own strengths.

If You Are Keen: email to 3goodthingseachday@gmail.com with your name, age and email and a brief background on yourself. I will provide you with further instructions to obtain the report.

Here is wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY HOLIDAY!


有兴趣?:请发电子邮件到以下邮址: 3goodthingseachday@gmail.com,提交以下的信息: 您的姓名,年龄和电子邮件以及自己的简要背景。我会提供您如何去得到这份免费报告书的指示。