On Target! Progress of 3GT Strengths Project 达标!3GT计划的进度

In September last year, I started  3GT Strengths Project 3GT计划.  It has been 6 months now and it is a good time to conduct a review and give a progress report on the Project.

3GT Strengths Project is my effort of “giving” after an inspiring learning journey about Character Strengths with VIA Institute on Character.  3GT Strenghts Project offers each month  a FREE VIA Character Strengths profiling analysis report known as ViaPro Report (see sample) worth USD40.00 to one person who would like to learn more about his/her own strengths and how to use the strengths.

To-date, I have given away 6 VIAPro Reports to 6 persons and provided coaching sessions to go through the report with them.  Of the 6,  2 are ladies and 4 are gentlemen. 5 of them are between the age of 24-28, while one is aged 33.

The sessions were enlightening for me as I observed how each of them learned more about themselves in the process.  There were a few interesting observations I made:

The PoSiTiVes:

  • A Good Conversation Tool – VIAPro Report is an excellent tool to start a coaching conversation that gradually leading to a deeper level.
  • Accurate and Reflective– All 6 agree that the top 5-8 character strengths represent their strengths well, even though some disagree with the order of the ranking.
  • A-HA Moments – There is almost always some “A-HA” moments for the coachees, having sudden realisation or a deeper understanding of themselves, while we go through the VIAPro Report.  For instance, a coachee suddenly realised why he had been so unhappy with his current job despite the good monetary reward. His utmost character strength was Fairness, Equity and Justice. His work environment was providing just the opposite.
  • Values-linked – VIAPro Report not only tells of a person’s character strengths, it gives a good gauge of the person’s value system – what are the things that are important to them.  I rely on it a great deal, when I conduct career coaching, to assess work-environment fit. A good example will be the one I mentioned above.

The GaPS:

  • Career Relevance or the Lack thereof – Perhaps it was the age-group (24-33) that I am dealing with.  At this age, career success is their greatest concern. Their immediate response to the VIAPro Report was …”So, what does this mean to my career?”  They are obviously much less interested to know about their charater strengths than their skill strengths that will bring about career success.
  • Focus on Weaknesses – There is almost always a tendency for coachees to regard the lesser strengths as “weaknesses” and focus their questions on “how to improve” these lesser strengths them.  For instance, one gentleman was so disappointed that his “leadership” strength was at the bottom five that throughout the coaching session, his questions were just on how to strenghten his leadership skills.

Are you interested to find out your character strengths and get a FREE VIAPro profiling analysis? If yes, please click HERE.

从去年九月,我开始了3GT Strengths Project 3GT计划至今,已有六个月。六个月是一个很好的时间来对3GT计划作一个进度报告。




准确反映:即使有些人不同意它们的排名顺序, 所有六位朋友都同意他们的VIAPro报告所列出的五至八项的性格优点相当准确地反映了他们的性格上的长处。
恍然大悟的一刻:几乎每一位朋友都在我们讨论VIAPro报告时,有他们自己恍然大悟的一刻 — 一个突然觉悟,或突然更深入的明瞭自己的一刻。例如,其中的一位朋友终于明白为什么他尽管工作上有很好的酬劳,他还是非常的不开心。他最强的性格优点是为“公正,公平和正义”。而,他的工作正正提供了一个相反的工作环境。

职业关连:也许是因为他们的年龄层(24-33),事业的成功发展是他们最大的焦点和关注。他们对VIAPro报告的即时反应通常都是……“那,这是否意味着我的职业生涯能/不能成功吗?” 很明显的,他们对他们的技术优势远比性格优点来得感兴趣。这是因为他们认为前者会带来事业的成功。

你有兴趣找出你的性格优点,并得到一份免费的VIAPro性格分析报告吗? 如果你有兴趣,请点击这里


A Christmas Gift 一份圣诞礼物。

A VIA Character Strengths profiling analysis report (see Sample Report ) to anyone who would like to learn more about his/her own strengths.

If You Are Keen: email to 3goodthingseachday@gmail.com with your name, age and email and a brief background on yourself. I will provide you with further instructions to obtain the report.

Here is wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY HOLIDAY!


有兴趣?:请发电子邮件到以下邮址: 3goodthingseachday@gmail.com,提交以下的信息: 您的姓名,年龄和电子邮件以及自己的简要背景。我会提供您如何去得到这份免费报告书的指示。


Know Your Strengths – Get a FREE Report 了解自己优点 – 送您一份报告书

Would you like to know your Signature Strengths – that is, your top 5 key strengths that represent your “core” and the “real you”? I would like to offer a FREE  VIA character strengths report to one person who believes in “Strengths” and would like to learn more about your own strengths.  VIR is in English only, but if there is a real need, I will try my best to translate the essence and key points into Chinese for you.  The VIR provides:

  • Detailed descriptions of signature strengths with ways to develop them
  • Brief description of all strengths with numeric scores
  • The Pathways Graph showing top strengths in each virtue category
  • The Virtue Graph showing the balance of your strengths in the virtue categories
  • The Circumplex Graph showing where your strengths lie on the head/heart and self/other continuum.

You can see a Sample Report  at VIA Institute website.  If you are keen, please email to 3goodthingseachday@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Your name, age and email and a brief background on yourself; and
  • Your reasons why this VIR is important to you and how you are going to use this report.

I will provide you with instructions on how to go about getting the VIR once I decide you are a suitable person for this exercise.

您想知道您的“关键性格优点”,那就是您最优越的5个性格优点吗?您的关键性格优点代表了“真正的你”,代表了“你是谁”的核心。我有一份免费的VIA性格优点分析报告(VIA报告书样本)想送给一位相信关于“优点长处” (Character Strengths)的理论,并想更了解自己的性格长处的人。VIA性格优点分析报告只限英文版, 但若您真的有需要,我可尽我的能力帮您把报告书里的精髓概要译成中文。VIA性格优点分析报告提供:

  • 详细的描述您的关键性格优点和如何加强发展这方面的优势;
  • 简要说明所有的性格优点与分数;
  • 显示您在各个美德类别中的顶端优点的途径图表;
  • 显示您在美德类别中的优势平衡的美德图表;
  • 显示您的优点在于理智与情感和自我与他人的连续体的图表。

你可以到VIA研究所网站上去看VIA报告书样本。如果你对这份免费的VIA报告有兴趣,请发电子邮件到以下邮址: 3goodthingseachday@gmail.com,提交以下的信息:

  • 您的姓名,年龄和电子邮件以及自己的简要背景;
  • VIA报告对于您的重要性和您将如何运用此报告书。


3GT Strengths Project 3GT计划

3GT Strengths Project has been on my mind since I began my VIA Journey:  for a period of time, I would like to give away one VIA Interpretive Report (VIR) every month to one person who believes in “Strengths” and would like to learn more about his/her own strengths.  3GT Strengths Project has only one objective:  To do its part to see more people benefiting from knowing what they are good at and what are their strengths.  I would be happy to hear your views on this Project.