“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
~ Albert Einstein ~

I believe the best way to nurture a person is through his/her strengths. I would like to use what I learn to help as many to discover and use their strengths meaningfully to eventually become a  more fulfilled and happier person.

It is for this reason that I started 3GT Strengths Project where I will give away a VIA character strengths profile analysis report free-of-charge every month to one person who would like to learn more about his/her own strengths and how to use them.  The Project has only one objective: to see more people benefiting from knowing what they are good at , what are their strengths and how to use them.

The name 3GooDTHinGsADAy came about when I learned that a mere one-week of positive intervention of “3 Good Things” practice would increase happiness and decrease depression for 6 months! It somehow put a strong urge in me to start writing this blog and name it after this great discovery.

This blog is about –
3 GooD THinGs – good and meaningful things in life.
3GT STrenGThs Project – the details of the Project.
6V 24S – the 24 character strengths & charater strengths displayed by people around us
In PrAcTiCe – my journal in coaching through strengths.
VIA Journey to STrenGThs – my journal with the intenstive training by VIA Institute.

For my strong belief in strength-based coaching, I am a certified coach and a certified career coach (Global Career Development Facilitator, United States). I am a member-donor of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

“每一个人都有天赋。 但如果你根据鱼爬树的本领去判断它的能力,它将终其一生都以为自己是愚蠢的。”



这个部落格名称 “3GooDTHinGsADAy” 源于“三件好事”的考察研究。“三件好事”的研究证明仅仅一个星期的用功地练习“三件好事”,便可以帮助他人增加为期六个月的幸福和减少抑郁感。这个重大的发现驱使我引用“三件好事”为这个部落格的名称。

3 GooD THinGs: 生活中的一些好事。
3GT STrenGThs Project:3GT计划的细节。
6V 24S:二十四个性格优点的资料和对我们周遭的人所展现的性格优点的收集。
In PrAcTiCe:我的优势辅导的日记。
VIA Journey to STrenGThs – 我在VIA中心受训的点滴和心历路程。


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