6V 24S

In the study of the classification of virtues and character strengths, Dr Christopher Peterson and Dr Martin Selgman with a team of scientists, came up with six Virtues and the 24 Character Strengths — the specific routes or ways to achieve the six virtues.I call them “6V and 24S”. 

Character Strengths are important because they underpin a person’s WELL BEING (fulfillment and happiness). Well being has five elements: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement. USING and APPLYING your key character strengths lead to more positive emotion, better engagement, more meaning in life, better relationships and more accomplishment!

Your top five Character Strengths represent the “real you”. You can find out your character strengths profile with a simplified report at https://www.viame.org. If you are looking for a complete profile analysis report (~25 pages), just pay a fee (USD40) at the same website.  If you wish to get one free of charge, consider participating in the 3GT Strengths Project available at this blog. 


The 6V and 24S are:

Wisdom and Knowledge

  • Creativity, ingenuity, and originality
  • Curiosity, interest in the world
  • Judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness
  • Love of learning
  • Perspective (wisdom)

  • Bravery and valor
  • Perseverance,industry, and diligence
  • Honesty, authenticity, and genuineness
  • Zest, enthusiasm, and energy



  • Kindness and generosity
  • Capacity to love and be loved
  • Social intelligence

  • Citizenship, teamwork, and loyalty
  • Fairness, equity, and justice
  • Leadership

  • Forgiveness and mercy
  • Modesty and humility
  • Prudence,caution, and discretion
  • Self-Regulation and Self-control



  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence
  • Gratitude
  • Hope, optimism, and future-mindedness
  • Humor and playfulness
  • Spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith



性格优点是非常重要的,因为它支撑一个人的幸福!根据积极心理学之父马丁塞利格曼教授说,一个人的幸福有着5个可测量的元素:即正面情绪,参与投入,人际关系,人生意义和成就。着重使用您的主要性格优点 将会使您有更积极的情绪,更完全的参与投入,人生意义,更好的人际关系以及更多的成就!

您的最高五个性格优点代表“真正的你”。你可以在https://www.viame.org 免费测试您的性格优点。如果您想要一个完整的分析报告(约25页),你可以在上述网站支付40美元取得。 如果您想要免费获得一个完整的分析报告,您可参於这部落格的3GT计划



  • 创造力,心灵手巧和独创性
  • 好奇心,对世界充满兴趣
  • 判断力,批判性思维和开明的思想态度
  • 爱学习
  • 洞悉能力(智慧)

  • 勇敢和勇气
  • 毅力和业精于勤
  • 诚信,真实和真诚
  • 热情,干劲和活力

  • 爱与被爱的能力
  • 仁慈和慷慨
  • 社交智力

  • 公民感,团队精神和忠诚
  • 公正,公平,和正义
  • 领导能力

  • 宽恕和慈悲
  • 谦虚和谦卑
  • 谨慎,小心和审慎
  • 自我规范和自我控制

  • 对美丽和卓越事物的鉴赏
  • 感恩
  • 希望,乐观和未来意识
  • 幽默和调皮
  • 灵性,宗旨意识和信念

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