On Character Day – Thank You! “性格日” – 谢谢!


A Facebook posting by VIA Institute a few days ago reminding us that 18 September 2015 is Character Day had me reflected the journey I walked, since August 2011.  It was when I (so fortunately) chanced upon positive psychology and an online course by the institute called VIA Character Strengths.  The course had such an impact on my perspectives that I started this blog to document the 7-week journey.

The learning entirely shifted my paradigm and I have since faithfully applying what I learn on so many areas of my life.  The outcome is positive and encouraging, to say the least. I apply the skills on many people, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

“A picture says a thousand words.”  This picture is tribute to Character Strengths on Character Day and to this great journey I have walked since I began my learning 4 years ago.  And, THANK YOU, for the inspiring perspectives and knowledge.

VIA Institute  (VIA研究中心)日前在脸书提醒我们,2015年9月18日是“性格日”。这一则帖子让我回想起我学习VIA性格强项的心路历程。该七个星期课程对我有莫大的影响和启发,改变了我的许多观点与想法上的模式。我十分努力学习和运用在日常生活上。结果是令人鼓舞的!

“一张图片胜过千言万语。” 我就用这幅画来贺庆9月18日“性格日”和我四年的学习征程。谢谢你!


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