WHY Character Strengths? 性格强项有啥重要?

Why Character Strengths?  Why are they important? Character Strengths are important because it is a critical underpin of your WELL BEING.  Well being, according to Oxford online dictionary, means “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”  A state where you are functioning at your best — a state all of us eagerly pursue in life.

According to Prof Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, to arrive at the state of well-being, there are has five measurable elements known as PERMA:

  • Positive Emotion – the pleasant life. i.e. your happiness, pleasure, gratification and fulfilment.
  • Engagement – When you are in a state of “Flow”, i.e. when you are completely absorbed by an activity and you lose sense of time.
  • Relationships – When you have a positive relationships with “other people”.  According to Dr Christopher Peterson, a pioneer in Positive Psychology, “doing a kindness (to other people) produces the single most reliable momentary increase in well-being of any exercise we have tested.”
  • Meaning – When you have larger-than-self purposes in life.
  • Accomplishment – When you are successful in pursuing achievement, winning and mastery for their own sakes.

AND — underpinning all these is the important fact that — USING and APPLYING your CHARACTER STRENGTHS lead to more positive emotion, better engagement, more meaning in life, better relationships and more accomplishment!

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Martin E.P. Seligman (2010). Flourish Free Press


性格强项 (Character Strengths)有啥重要? 性格强项非常的重要!因为性格强项是你的幸福感(well-being)的必要支撑。根据牛津线上字典,幸福感是“处在一个舒适,健康,快乐的状态。”  一个我们都热切追求的最佳状态。


正面的情绪:愉快的生活 – 关於你的幸福,快乐,遂意和满足感。
投入感: 当你处在“心流”(Flow)的状态 — 即当你完完全全地投入,全神贯注於一样活动而失去了时间感。
人际关系: 当你与“他人”有着正面而积极的关系。根据克里斯托弗·彼得森博士,一位正面心理学的先驱,“在所有的实验里,为他人做一件善事最能确切地在瞬间里为你增加幸福感。”

而你必须知道的一个重要的事实是:支撑着所有这一切一切的五个衡量要素的是 — 你的性格强项 — 使用你的性格强项会带来更正面的情绪,更好的投入感,更良好的人际关系,更多生命的意义和更大的成就!


马丁塞利格曼(2010), FlourishFree Press出版


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