Good One! 好东西!

Found THIS while preparing for my first training on strength-based application:

Dr Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology said – PSYCHOLOGY should be:

  • Just as concerned with STRENGTHS as with weaknesses;
  • As interested in BUILDING THE BEST IN LIFE as in repairing the worst; and
  • As concerned in MAKING THE LIFE OF NORMAL PEOPLE FULFILLING and with NURTURING HIGH TALENT as with healing pathology.

Hence,the birth of POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY.  Thank you, Dr Seligman!

我在为一个培训课程作准备时,找到了 这个 。和大家分享:

正面心理学的创始人马丁·塞利格曼博士说 – 心理学应该是:

  • 同样地关注於研究人的优点长处,正如它关注於研究人的弱点;
  • 同样地关注於如何建设最优质的生活素质,正如它关注於如何修复最坏的;
  • 同样地关注於如何让正常的人履行满足的生活和培育人才,正如它关注於愈合病理。

於是乎,正面心理学诞生了! 谢谢您,塞利格曼博士。


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