Good One! – take 2 好东西(续)!


Peter Drucker (1905-2005) on Building STRENGTHS:

“We will have to learn to build organizations in such a manner that any man who has strength in one important area is capable of putting it to work.”

“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths, making our system’s weaknesses irrelevant”

Some useful reflective questions to ask yourself:
1. Do you know your strengths?
2. Have you been able to apply and use your strengths each day at and outside of the workplace?
3. Are you a leader who focuses on building strengths?

彼得·德鲁克 (1905-2005) — 建立优势:



2。 你可有机会每天都在工作上和工作以外运用你的实力吗?
3。 你是一个着重於建设实力优势的领袖吗?


Good One! 好东西!

Found THIS while preparing for my first training on strength-based application:

Dr Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology said – PSYCHOLOGY should be:

  • Just as concerned with STRENGTHS as with weaknesses;
  • As interested in BUILDING THE BEST IN LIFE as in repairing the worst; and
  • As concerned in MAKING THE LIFE OF NORMAL PEOPLE FULFILLING and with NURTURING HIGH TALENT as with healing pathology.

Hence,the birth of POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY.  Thank you, Dr Seligman!

我在为一个培训课程作准备时,找到了 这个 。和大家分享:

正面心理学的创始人马丁·塞利格曼博士说 – 心理学应该是:

  • 同样地关注於研究人的优点长处,正如它关注於研究人的弱点;
  • 同样地关注於如何建设最优质的生活素质,正如它关注於如何修复最坏的;
  • 同样地关注於如何让正常的人履行满足的生活和培育人才,正如它关注於愈合病理。

於是乎,正面心理学诞生了! 谢谢您,塞利格曼博士。