The Correct Answer is… 正确的答案是。。。

Remember this question:  2 minutes of your time, without discussing with anyone, what would be your answer to the following question? 

This is always the first “game”I play with those who come seek career advice. I normally watch in amazement how they would seriously and diligently be making an effort to provide the best combination answer.

The correct answer, however, is…   “I don’t know!” because you really dont.

This question is intentionally made faulty in nature. It misses out the most critical element before you can carefully consider giving a good answer: the DESTINATION.

This exercise is used to hopefully drive home three main points in making career decision:

Know Your Destination (Career Goal): one must know where he/she is going before he/she can sit down and plan for the right direction to head for, the type of transportation one would take and a good time for embarkation. This can’t be more appropriate an analogy when applies to picking a good career choice: you need to first know where you would like to end up with, say in 3 to 5 or 5 to 10 years (GenYers will tell you 5-10 years time frame is way too long for them. So, I do accept 3-5 year plan from them. 🙂 ) Only then you decide what to start with, how to go about and which is the best route to arrive at your planned “destination” — your career goal.

Do Not Rush: Never decide your career in 2 minutes.  Never rush into applying for jobs (especially if that is your first), nor following your friends — which are only too common among graduates.

Do Homework, Discuss with Relevant People: unlike the exercise where you are not allowed to discuss, in making a good career decision, you must discuss with relevant people to find out more. The operative word here is “relevant”. So, choose purposefully who are the right one to speak with.  Do your homework.

“How?” you would ask, regarding determining your career goal.  Get to know yourself more in-depth — here would be a good start.


还记得这个问题吗: 用两分钟的时间,在不与任何人讨论的情况下,您对以下问题的答案是什么?


然,正确答案…“我不知道!”  因为你真的不可能知道。

这个问题是有故障性的。它缺少了一个最关键的因素:目的地 ! 


明确的目的地(职业目标):一个人必须知道他要到哪里,才可以坐下来计划他将前往的方向,交通工具的类型,出发的最好时机,等等等。这是一个不能更合适的比喻了:选择一个适当的职业,你首先需要知道的是你在三至五或五至十年内 (“八十后”必呱呱叫说五至十年的时限对他们来说是太长了。所有,我也接受他们三至五的计划。 🙂 ) 要抵达的目的地。只有这样,你方能好好地计划你的最佳路线去达到你的职业目标。

切忌鲁莽速行:切勿在二分钟内就决定你的职业生涯。不要急着忙於申请工作(尤其如果这是你的第一份职业),也请不要盲从於朋友的选择 – 这都是非常见的景象。你的首要步骤应该是明确地知道你的职业目标。


“我如何去明确地知道我的职业目标?”你会问。深入地了解自己 — 这里 会是一个好的开始。


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