3 Questions to a Preferred Career Choice 三个关键问题决定首选职业

“What is the best career choice for me?”

In my line of work, this is perhaps THE most frequently asked question by the new graduates I worked with.  It is not surprising given they are fresh out of school.  In many cases, their graduating from a particular discipline has absolutely nothing to do with their career aspirations but what their parents have wanted them to study.

To answer the question, I like to show them the three big circles and answer their question by asking the following three questions (remember? We discussed this before.  The answers lie with them.  We are just there to ask good questions to help draw the answers out from them):-

Question (1) Passion – what do you really enjoy doing?  When you are doing a task that you are passionate about, you feel engaged and energized, you feel excited, you forget about time.  

Question (2) Strengths – what are you really good at doing?  If you are good at something, you demonstrate a rapid learning curve compared to others around you.  

Question (3) Values – what are the things that are so important to you that you will not trade them for anything?

Career choices that meet all the above, i.e. those in the intersection of the three circles, I tell them, would be your preferred career choices.  These choices match your passion with your strengths and are in congruence with your value system.  When you are doing something you are really passionate about and are good at it, naturally you would be performing outstandingly and happy.  It also brings sustainability.

“What about money?”  They would usually follow-up with this question.

“When you find a career within this intersection that sees you both happy and performing at your career, money will come.” is always my answer. 

Of course, they would eventually learn that money indeed has very little to do with career satisfaction and happiness in life.

What about your career? Is it one in the intersection of your Passion, Strengths and Values?  Are you happy with what you are doing?  Do feel free to share your views.“什么是最适合我的职业选择?”



问题(一)强烈爱好 — 你真正喜欢做什么任务?当你对某件任务有着强烈爱好时,你在从事这件任务时,会完全投入而处在激励的状态中,你会忘了时间的存在。

问题(二)优点长处 — 你的专长是什么?你最擅长的是在哪方面?这意味着和你周围的人相比,你在这方面有一个较他人快速的学习曲线。

问题(三)价值观 —什么是对你如此重要,你无论如何不会把它与任何东西作交换的?


“那钱呢?不在被考虑范围内吗?” 他们通常都会跟进这个问题。





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