My Best Moment 我最好的时刻

I started practising strength-based coaching on a group of graduates I was training for a period of 8 weeks.  I decided to adopt “You at Your Best“, a positive intervention recommended by Dr Martin Seligman. My objective of the exercise is to make them start paying attention to what they are good at and start using their strengths.

I asked each of them to submit a weekly journal describing a moment when they felt they were at their best, I called the exercise “My Best Moment” — the moment they realised they were using their strength(s) and felt good about themselves. 

For the first 2-3 weeks, the journals I received were all along these lines:
“I could not find my strengths. But I realised I have a few weaknesses which I hope I can improve upon in the next few weeks… (the journal went on to describe what the weaknesses were and how he/she plan improve on them).
“My best moment was when we could go out in a group and had a good dinner together… We had such a good time!” (misunderstood “best moment” for “best time after work”)

I patiently reminded them again what “Best Moment” meant and asked them to watch out for their own strengths and, if they could, also looked out for the strengths displayed by their group members.

4th week onwards, a few began to write like this:
“I felt very good last week as I realised I was good at analytic skills when I was doing the project.  I really liked analytic work, I could continue the work without feeling sleepy or tired…”
“I think I had leadership skill because last week, I could get my group members together to complete the assignment which was difficult and all of us were rather confused initially.  There was a lot of self-satisfaction!” 

5th week on, the number of them writing about their awareness and use of their strengths grew even larger.

I could sense the confidence level amongst them grew in tandem.  They became more engaged with their work and with each others. 

It was one of my best moments.


我让他们每个人在每一周提交一份笔记,描述他们在上一周里他们最好的一个时刻, 我把这功课叫做 “我最好的时刻” :也就是当他们觉察到自己的优点,在运用他们的优点,自我感觉良好的那一个时刻。



“上周,我觉得非常开心!因为当我在做我的工作任务时,我发现到我的分析能力挺不错。我真的很喜欢这类的工作,当我在做分析性质的工作,我完全没有困乏或疲倦的感觉… …”




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