Ask Questions, Ask Good Questions 问问题,问好问题

The most important skill I appreciate learning in coaching people is to just “ASK questions, ask good questions. Never tell.”   Why only ask?  Because –

  • The issues are theirs and the answers indeed are with them;
  • The process of searching for answers allow them to understand themselves better, to analyse their own issues in-depth and eventually own up the problems;
  • Coming up with solutions themselves empowers them to be fully responsible to take charge of their own action plans;
  • With all the above, it boosts their confidence and enhance their ability to handle issues on their own in future; and
  • Asking (good) questions allows exploratory conversation to take place.  Telling stops the exploration, which we have already learned, is the most critical phase in any coaching models.

A good coach asks good questions – those that will guide the coachees to understand themselves better and to analyse their own issues in-depth to eventually lead them to arrive at a satisfactory solution for themselves to move forward. 

Learn to ask good questions to help people better — they can be anyone in need, your coachees, your students, your staff, your friends and even your kids.

Reference link:
Thoughts Questions – Asking the Right Questions is the Answer
There Are Stupid Questions

我在教练课程学到最重要的辅导技巧是“问问题,问好问题。关注於问而不是给答案。” 为什么?因为 –

  • 问题和答案都确实是在他们身上。
  • 在寻找答案的过程中,他们将对自己和问题作更深入分析而有更进一步的了解,从而让他们勇敢地去面对自己的问题。
  • 让他们寻找自己的答案能使他们采取负责任的态度和行动。
  • 以上所有,将帮助他们增加对自己的信心和能力以处理他们自己的问题。
  • 问(好)问题,能使一个重要的探索性谈话继续地进行。把答案(而且通常未必是正确的)告诉对方,便轻易地中止了探索。探索是对于寻找正确答案最关键性的一个步骤。

一个好的教练会要求问很好的问题 – 好问题指导辅导对象对自己和自己的问题进行深入分析,并最终找到一个令他们自己满意的的解决方案而向前迈进。


Thoughts Questions – Asking the Right Questions is the Answer
There Are Stupid Questions


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