10 Great VIA Lessons VIA十大启示

My 10 biggest takeaways from the 8 weeks 7-lesson VIA Intensive, in the order of priority:

  1. 3 Good Things – this has to be the most important lesson: one week of “3 good things” exercise can increase happiness and decrease depression for 6 months, medicine-free.
  2. A Beginner’s Mind – to learn any subject in-depth, always approach our learning with a beginner’s mind, try to make 3 new discoveries in every lesson we attend.  I applied it throughout this training and fully appreciate the outcome.
  3. There is always more to the picture – “Do you SEE your clients?” this question resonates deeply within me. I have since applies this diligently and realise how much I have missed in the past by making the assumption that I already know them well.  With a humble mindset that there is much more that I don’t see, I have started to see a lot more.
  4. Mindfulness – everything begins with awareness. Be mindful of our strengths, our experiences, who we are and what is on our mind when we are using our strengths.
  5. See People as Seeds – and we are there to provide proper environment with soil and nutrients for them to unfold, grow and flourish.
  6. The importance of EXPLORE stage – before we can make any meaningful conclusions or recommendations. There is a tendency for us to miss this stage and go straight into actions.
  7. See with a New Eye – approach a situation from a different angle, a whole new world present itself! This allows us to see a different view of things, to be able to come better solutions and a new way out.
  8. Approach from the Strengths Angle – examine issues from the strengths angle as many issues arise from underusing certain character strengths.  Find ways to help people to enhance their underuse strengths.
  9. The virtue of Balance – it is all about balancing the usage.  We need to use our character strengths relative to the context with right combination, right degree and at the right time.
  10. A Role Model – to enhance and expand your character strengths, to talk with, to inspire and to provide strengths and directions when you are in need.



  1. 三件好事: 这是我学到最重要的知识。无须药物的帮助,一个星期的用功地练习“三件好事”,可以增加为期六个月的幸福和减少抑郁感。
  2. 初学者心态: 若要深入地学习任何学科,我们必须抱着初学者的心态,在每一个课程里发掘三个新的发现和启示。我很用心地把这个原理彻底地应用在VIA的课程培训上,而体会到了它真正的意义。
  3. “你‘看到’吗?”: 对人要用心地去深层的了解,大部分时候,他们都不是表面所看到的那样。这真给了我一个很深的共鸣。在我努力地应用这个原理时,我方意识到我错过了许多。有了一个谦卑的心态,以每一个人总是拥有更多我们看不到的各方面的观点出发,我开始看到了更多。
  4. 自我意识:一切都开始於我们的自我意识。想要更有效率地为他人服务,首先我们必须要更加地注意自己:了解自己,知道自己在思考什么,在做些什么。对自己的长处,经验和目的都必须有充分地了解。
  5. 把人视为种子: 我们的责任在于提供适当的环境,肥沃的土壤和适量的养分去让他们自由,健康,茁壮地成长和发展。
  6. 探索阶段的重要性: 在我们还未完成探索和深层了解他人之前,我们不应该作任何结论或为他们安排采取任何的行动。
  7. 新视角:当我们从不同的角度去察视,一个全新的世界就呈现了!这使我们对同样的事情有新的,不同的看法;想出新的,更好的解决方案;或找到新的出路。
  8. 从优势观点出发:尝试从优势的角度去进行探索研究问题。有许多时候,问题的起因在於某些性格上的优点没有被充分地利用。我们可以帮助他人提高他们没有被充分利用到的优点,以帮助解决或减轻问题的严重性。
  9. 中庸之道:要能观察到当下的情况和背景,以正确的程度并在恰当的时机下使用我们的性格优点。
  10. 模范榜样:锁定一个对您很重要或是一个能激发您的人,以他为您的榜样,可以帮助你进一步发展和扩大你的性格优点。这个好榜样也能在你面对困难的时刻,或者当你需要一些灵感和激励时; 给您力量和方向。

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