Thank You for the “New Eye” (VIA Last Stop) 谢谢您的“新眼睛”(到站了)

We arrive at our last stop this week, a little sad, much englightened. Its an ending, certainly a new beginning.  It is an amazing 7-lesson journey where I made a lot of self discoveries as well as discoveries of people around me.  I understand myself better, become more mindful of the use (or otherwise) of all my 24 character strengths.  More importantly, I realise that I has begun to see people using my “new eye”.   A new habit starts to emerge — I now often heard myself quietly asking in my heart “what would be his/her character strengths?” whenever I meet people.  There was an incident two weeks back when I was arguing with a man over something and, to my delight, this question popped up.  I am indeed grateful for the “new eye” .  For that, THANK YOU VIA Institute.

At the last stop, I make 3 important discoveries:

  • Focus on possibilities – Dr Ryan’s reiterated again the importance of learning to see from different angles, different perspectives; look into and work on possibilities when dealing with people.  We must learn to focus on possibilities to make new discoveries.
  • Role Models – It is important to have someone who is personal to you and who inspires you with his/her character strengths to be your role model.  It helps you to further develop and expand your character strengths; find strength and direction when you face difficult moments or provide inspiration when you just need some.
  • A Re-Education of Attention – Positive psychology is a re-education of our attention and memory, making us more mindful about “what is working”.

我们来到VIA的最后一站,有点难过是必然的,但却是带了许多的开发和启示到站的。对我来说,它的结束也真正是一个新的开始。这是一个了不起的七个课程!我对自己和我周遭的人有了许多新的发现。我比之前了解自己, 关注到对自己二十四个性格优点的充分利用或反之。更重要的是,我突然发现我开始运用我的“新眼睛”:我多了一个新的习惯,我经常会看着对方悄悄地在臆测,“他/她的性格优点会是什么?”甚至於在两个星期前的某一天,当我与一名男子在激烈地争论时,这个问题竟不期然地弹出。我对我的“新眼睛“感到非常的珍惜。感谢VIA研究中心。


  • 把重点放在可能性上:瑞安博士再次重申了学习从不同的角度,不同的观点去探索和发掘每一个人的重要性。把重点放在可能性上,方能作出新的发现,启示和方向。
  • 模范榜样:锁定一个对您很重要或是一个能激发您的人,以他为您的榜样,可以帮助你进一步发展和扩大你的性格优点。这个好榜样也能在你面对困难的时刻,或者当你需要一些灵感和激励时; 给您力量和方向。
  • 注意力的再教育: 积极心理学是我们注意力和记忆力的再教育,使我们更铭记和关注到“什么是可行的”。

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