“HOW do you see?” (VIA Stop 6) “你怎么去看?” (第六站)

We are coming to the last second stop of our 7-week VIA journey. Like how we were briefed at the beginning of the course: the first 3 weeks focus on dealing with self; the last 3 weeks, with others.  This week the focus is on issues between others and self: we discuss how to use strengths to manage life issues and relationships. Something really close to my heart. 

In the previous sessions, Dr Ryan kept asking us “Do you SEE?”.  This week he asked a new key question, “HOW do you see?” 

My 3 new discoveries:

  • A New Eye A Different World -When we approach a situation from a different angle, a whole new world present itself! This allows us to see a different view of things, to be able to come up with new and better solutions or, simply, just to have a new way out.
  • See from the Strengths Angle – Many personal problems such as depression, anxiety, addictions, weight management may have much to do with the person underusing certain character strengths.  Instead of labelling the problem, we may try to examine it from the strengths angle and find ways to enhance the person’s underuse strengths to help them deal better with their problems.  Don’t forget, approaching from strengths angle may bring about more positive emotions which, in turns, help people to look at things more objectively and in perspective.
  • Strengths as Buffers – Our strengths help us cushion and manage issues, to prevent issues from escalating and to reduce our vulnerabilities.  Use them consciously, mindfully.

I have always loved this Chinese saying, ” Take a step back, you will see a bigger world (broader picture).”

Aquamarine sea and sky in Hawaii no57990




  • 新视角, 新世界:当我们从不同的角度去察视,一个全新的世界就呈现了!这使我们对同样的事情有新的,不同的看法;想出新的,更好的解决方案;或找到新的出路。
  • 从优点的角度探索:许多个人问题,如抑郁,焦虑,成瘾,体重管理等,是由于某些性格上的优点没有被充分地利用。与其把这些个人问题标签为一种障碍病,不如从优点的角度来进行探索研究,找方法帮助他人提高他们没有被充分利用到的优点,以帮助解决或减轻问题的严重性。别忘了,从优点的角度进行,能帮助他人拥有较正面的情绪而让他们较能以客观和积极的角度去看待事物,甚至是关于弱点和个人问题。
  • 优点为良好的缓冲:我们的优点可以帮助我们缓冲和管理问题,防止加深问题的严重性,并降低我们的脆弱性。我们应该经常自觉地运用他们。



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