Clay or Seeds? (VIA Stop 5-1) 粘土或种子?(第五站-1)

At long last, all the learning preparation, Dr Ryan’s efforts in helping us to building of strong foundation are being put to good use – using the Character Strength Report to help people to realise their strengths, using their strengths, strenghten their strengths, balance the use of strengths, better themselves and eventually be more fulfilled and happier as a person.  This, to me, is the ultimate value of Character Strengths and my key reason in pursuing the cause. 

An update on my 3GT Project: there is still no taker for my contribution of “One Free VIR A Month”, I am a little disappointed. I am however determined to make this project works and will be patient for a good outcome.  If you have better ideas for me to implement this, please feel free to share them with me.

My 3 new discoveries from my 5th VIA Stop are again enlightening ones:

  • A reminder on how we see people – a lump of clay so that we could mould them to our own liking; or seeds that we need to provide proper environment with soil and nutrients for them to unfold, grow and flourish?
  • Depending on the context one is in, there is always a better order that strengths can be played out more effectively (this is really intriguing to me!);
  • The importance of the stage of EXPLORING before we make any conclusion or launch ourselves into actions.




  • 一个提醒 – 我们怎么看我们身边的人?他们是粘土,使我们可以根据我们的喜好来模具他们; 或他们是种子,我们的责任在于提供适当的环境,肥沃的土壤和适量的养分去让他们自由,健康,茁壮地成长和发展?
  • 根据不同的情况,以不同的顺序去运用您的优点,可以把它们更有效地发挥出来(一个对我来说绝对是一个奇妙的发现!);
  • 在我们还未完成探索和深层了解他人之前,我们不应该作任何结论或为他们安排采取任何的行动。

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