Do you really SEE? (VIA Stop 4) 你真的‘看到’吗?(第四站)

The 4th VIA Stop serves as a good checkpoint because we are exactly at the half-way mark of our 7-week learning journey. A little of a twilight zone, I feel.  For the first 3 weeks, we focussed our learning on our own character strengths; for the next 3, our clients’.  For this half-way mark, Dr Ryan seems to be preparing us to work better with our clients in the coming 3 weeks.

My 3 new discoveries for this checkpoint humble and prepare me better to work with others:

  • There is always more to the picture.  Dr Ryan’s question “DO YOU SEE YOUR CLIENTS?” strikes a deep chord of resonance within me.  I thought of the graduate trainees I work closely with and the few incidents where I judged way too quickly yet stubbornly believed that I was right.   Dr Ryan taught us to maintain our humility and perspective to (safely) assume that there is always more in a person that we are not seeing in order to be a more effective practioner; or, i guess, simply to just becoming a better person.
  • At all times, practice mindfulness.  In order to work effectively with others, we must first be more mindful of ourselves: who we are, what we are thinking and what we are doing.  Another bold reminder of the importance of managing “self”.
  • We should maximise our psychological flexibility.  Always be ready to shift or balance our strength domains, take a growth mindset and make the necessary change midway when the need arises.

I am so looking forward to my next VIA Stop.


  1. 一张图片并不只是表面所看到的那样。莱恩博士的问题:“你有‘看到’你的客户吗?”给了我一个很深的共鸣。“看到”在这里是指“用心地去深层的了解”。我突然想到和我一起工作的管理培训生,以及好几次我太快下判断还固执地认为我是正确的情景。莱恩博士教导我们要以谦逊和智慧去假设每一个人总是拥有更多我们看不到的各方面。这样,我们将能成为更有效的从业者,或一个更好的人。
  2. 一切都开始於我们的自我意识。想要更有效率地为他人服务,首先我们必须要更加地注意自己:了解自己,知道自己在思考什么,在做些什么。对自己的长处,经验和目的都必须有充分地了解。这又是另一个大胆提醒关于管理“自我”的重要性的。
  3. 我们应该尽其量地去发挥我们的心理灵活性。我们应随时准备转移或平衡我们的优点领域,采取成长的思维心态,并在有需要时能随时作出适度的中途改变。



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