3 Good Things – of a Little Girl 一个小女孩的三件好事

“My 3 happiest moments today:

  • I finished all my homework in school and can play whole afternoon after school, yey!
  • Teacher said my drawing was really nice. 🙂
  • Kelly and Jonathan ate with me at the canteen during recess time today. “

I once met a young girl who suffered from separation anxiety and was having a lot of difficulty leaving home for school every morning.  Every night, she would cry herself to sleep and woke up crying again before school.  Her parents were at their wits end of what to do.  I recalled I once attended a talk on depression where the psychiatrist was encouraging his patients to have a diary to write things that went well for the day before they go to bed so they could sleep well and woke up happy.  (No, at that time, I had no clue about 3 Good Things and the solid research that backed it).  I thought no harm trying it on her.  I bought her a nice little diary and asked her to jot down everyday her 3 happiest moments in school .   I gave her extra homework: I told her she had to pick the happiest moment, out of the three for the day, to share with her parents what really happened.  She complied diligently with the help of her parents.  She actually got much better after about 2-3 weeks.

I am no psychologist, I really cannot assess whether her recovery has anything to do with “3 Good Things”.  But I saw a much cheerful girl, who used to cry herself to sleep, happily chatting with her parents each night before bedtime about her happiest moment in school.  There is nothing more a parent can ask for.


  •  我在学校做完我的功课,我可以在放学后玩整个下午!yey!
  •  老师说我的图画画得非常好。:)
  • 下课休息时,Kelly和Jon陪我在食堂吃东西。”

我曾经认识一个患有分离焦虑症的小女孩。每天早上,她对自己要离开家里到学校上课都会显得异常地焦虑。每晚,她都得哭着去睡觉;醒来后,学校前再次哭。她的父母完全束手无策。我想起我听过一个关于抑郁症的讲座。心理医生鼓励他的病人用一本日记簿,把当天所发生的好事写下,才上床睡觉。这样他们就可以睡个好觉,第二天开心地醒来。我认为无妨尝试一下这一个方法。(当时,我对“三件好事”毫不知情,更遑论支持这个论点的扎实研究。)我给她买了一个日记本,并教她记下每天她在学校里所发生最开心的三件事情。我还给了她额外的功课 —  她必须挑出最最开心的一个,与她的父母亲分享到底发生了什么事。她十分乖巧,在她的父母的帮助下,努力地天天写下在学校里最开心的三件事。大概两三个星期后,她居然好多了。



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