My Teachers (VIA Stop 3-1) 我的老师们 (第三站-1)

I am truly grateful for the advancement of technology that today we can easily get to know and even make friends with people from near and afar. My VIA Journey gives me an opportunity to get to know 3 persons for their strengths and passions. They are my Discussion Group members:

  • Member No. 1 – A school social worker providing his service in a secondary school. His highest strength is Religiousness and Spirituality. He hopes to promote the concept of positive psychology in his school.
  • Member No. 2 – A teacher in a secondary school.  His highest strength is Forgiveness and Mercy for which he thought is necessary for a teacher given the learning and behavioral diversity of students. He is with us in the journey to learn more about character strengths in order to help his students to have a better development .
  • Member No. 3 –  A psychologist working in a school.  Her top character strengths are Kindness and Love where she uses to support students in need, their parents as well as teachers and the school community.

If only teachers and educators all around the world are like them — teaching and supporting students with passion, love and respect as the key principles for education. Students under their care are really a fortunate bunch.


  • 成员(一)是一位在一所中学提供服务的社工。他的最强的性格优点是宗教与灵性。他希望在他的学校推广积极心理学的概念。
  • 成员(二)是一位中学的老师。他的最强的性格优点是宽恕和慈悲。他认为老师要面对学生们多样化的学习和行为模式,宽恕和慈悲是一个身为老师及其重要性格长处。他希望能透过这次的课程了解更多有关性格强项的知识,以协助他更有效率地培养他的学生的成长。
  • 成员(三)是一位在一所学校服务的心理学家。她最强的性格优点是仁慈和关爱。她无时无刻都运用她此项性格长处去支持和帮助有需要的学生,家长以及教师和学校社区。



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