“How’re you? What’re your Strengths?” (VIA Stop 2-2) “您好!请问您的性格优点是什么?”(第二站-2)

My learning grows a lot deeper this week.  I concluded that it is because of how VIA Intensive training is structured (and well done!)  –

  • We are grouped into Discussion Groups where we are given specific roles and guided topics to further our exploration. Discussion Groups keep in touch and discuss issues of the week vide email exchanges, Skype, facebook, etc.
  • We are given personal exercises where we are asked to first self-reflect and later share our own reflections and personal practices with our Discussion Group.

My learning experiences quietly grow and are broaden and deepen as I reflect, share and discuss with my group members who are open to sharing their own experiences.

I have 4 new discoveries for my Second Stop.  Actually, one came from my First Stop for which I accidentally missed out, and yet it is way too important to just brush it aside.  Hence, I recorded it here as the first discovery –

  1. I had the most weird yet wonderful first-time-ever experience in getting to know people at the first meeting by introducing ourselves to each other with our highest strengths.  All of us practically went, ” Hi, I am [name], My highest strength is [Signature Strengths].  How are you? What are you strengths?”  The feelings are more than just positive.
  2. How much a person would learn depends on how much he/she wants to learn. Again, 2 weeks into VIA Intensive, my deepest learning discovery has been about “SELF” — our own attitude and mindset determine almost everything.
  3. One-week of diligent “3 Good Things” practice can increase happiness and decrease depression for 6 months!  I am really thrilled to learn this and consider my biggest gain to-date on this journey .  What’s more, this is backed by valid and solid research.  This somehow put a strong urge in me to start this blog and name it after this great discovery.  I want to spread this good news, especially to those who may need this urgently.
  4. The advancement of technology now enables people around the world from different continents, different time zones, different countries but with common interests and objectives to meet and learning from the best and from each other.  This is truly amazing!

我的学习在这周加深了许多。我觉得这是VIA研究中心在培训上的结构和训练上的铺排的功劳(做得好!) –

  • 所有参与这个课程的人都被编排在一个4-5人的讨论小组。在小组里,每个组员又分给不同角色和责任。每一个星期,讨论小组必须探讨由莱恩博士所指定的引导主题。讨论小组可运用电子邮件,Skype, 面子书等保持联系,互相交流与小讨论问题。
  •  另外,莱恩博士还会给个人的功课,要我们进行个人练习和自我反映。然后再与我们的讨论小组分享我们的自我反思和个人的做法。



  1. 我经历了最怪异但最精彩的自我介绍。这是我首次以性格优点作开场白,向第一次见面的组员作自我介绍。我们开场白几乎都是,“您好,我是[名称],我最优势的性格优点是[性格优点]。您好吗?请问您的性格优点是什么?”自我介绍完后,我的心情感受不仅仅是只限于积极的。
  2.  一个人学习多少取决于他/她想学习多少。在这两个星期的培训里,我感受最深的学习莫过与“自我”- 一切取决与我们自己的态度和心态。
  3.  一个星期的用功地练习“三件好事”,可以增加为期6个月的幸福和减少抑郁感!这是我到目前为止,最大的收获!而且这知识是有着扎实的研究支撑的。这个重大的发现莫名其妙地, 强烈地驱使我引用“三件好事”为名,开始了这个博客。我想藉此把这个好消息传出去,帮助一些特别有此需要的人。
  4.  技术的进步已经可让来自不同大陆,不同的时区,不同的国家,却有着共同兴趣和目标的人向世界最好的, 以及各地人们相互学习,分享。这真是很了不起的!

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