The Real You (VIA Stop 2-1) 真正的你 (第二站-1)

At our second lesson, Dr Ryan brings us an enjoyable learning tour on Signature Strengths, i.e. our top 5 Character Strengths.

I would like to make a small pause here at my Second Stop, to make clear what Character Strength is about and I should quote from none other than Dr Christopher Peterson, who spent years studying the subject matter.  According to Dr Christopher Peterson (A Primer in Positive Psychology (2006), pp141-142), –

  • Character strength is widely recognised across cultures (termed: “ubiquitous”)
  • It is fulfilling and contributes to one’s happiness
  • It is morally valued
  • It does not diminish others
  • It has obvious antonyms that are “negative
  • It is trait like
  • It is measurable
  • It is distinct
  • It is strikingly embodied in some individuals
  • It is precociously shown by some children or youth
  • It is mission altogether in some individuals
  • It is the deliberate target of societal practices and rituals that try to cultivate it

There are altogether 6 ubiquitous Virtues, displayed by 24 Character StrengthsSignature Strengths are the top 5 Character Strengths of a person.  They represent the “real you”, the core of who you are.

Useful links:

  1. Profile of Dr Christopher Peterson at University of Michigan
  2. The book A Primer in Positive Psychology by Dr Christopher Peterson
  3. Classification of the 6 Virtues and 24 Character Strengths

第二个星期,莱恩博士为我们带来了一个愉快的学习旅程:莱恩博士教导有关于我们的“关键性格优点”,那就是我们的最强,最优越的五个性格优点。在我们继续我们的学习旅程之前,我想在此处稍作停顿,花一点时间去了解一下什么是 “性格优点”。 关于这方面,我必须引述在这个研究题材上花了许多年时间的表表者 – 彼得森博士。彼得森博士的研究说明:

  • 性格优点是被广泛认可,跨文化和普及的
  • 它是充实的,可促进一个人的幸福感
  • 它在道义上是有价值的
  • 它不会削弱他人
  • 它具有明显的负面
  • 它是一种特质
  • 它是可衡量的
  • 它是独特明显的
  • 它会触目地在一些个人身上体现出来
  • 它可早熟地呈现在一些儿童或青少年的性格里
  • 它可以选择性地完全不存在
  • 它是社会实践和礼仪培养上的目标



  1. 彼得森博士概况
  2. 彼得森博士积极心理学一书
  3. 6个普及的美德与24个性格强项的类别

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