A Beginner’s Mind (VIA Stop 1-2) 初学者心态 (第一站-2)

I learned something very important and beneficial right at the start of my first class with Dr Ryan:

In order to learn better, always approach the learning with a beginner’s mind – for every lecture, make 3 new discoveries.  I made a decision to attend each lecture with this mindset and attitude.  I quickly realise this mindset does deepen my learning experience as I am so much more focused.  So true is the saying “Attitude determines Altitude” or, more appropriately in this particular case, “Attitude determines Depth (of learning)”.   I encourage you to approach learning with this attitude.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

My 3 new discoveries for my First Stop are:

  1. Always learn with a Beginner’s Mind;
  2. We need to use our Character Strengths in order to use our other strengths such as talents, skills and resources.  Dr Ryan gave a good example:  in order to become a world class pianist, you need to use your Character Strengths of Self-Regulation, Zest, Hope and Love of Learning; and
  3. Values live in our thinking and feelings.  Character, on the other hand, is about our actions and behaviors.

我在上莱恩博士的第一课就学会了一个非常重要理念。莱恩博士教导我们:若要学习得更多和更深入,我们就一定要抱着初学者的心态 – 在每一个讲座,记录下三个新的发现。我当下做了一个决定,我要用这种心态和态度参加每一次的讲座。我很快就发现这种心态真的能深化我的学习,让我更加专注。“态度决定高度”,此话当真!或许,在我们的这个情况下,更为恰当的形容词应该是“态度决定(学习)深度”。



  1. 对所有的学习,都要抱着一个初学者的心态;
  2. 我们需要使用我们的性格优势,才能更加充分地运用我们的天赋才能,技能和资源等等的优势。莱恩博士给了我们一个很好的例子:如果您想成为世界级钢琴家,你需要运用自律,热情,期望和热爱学习等方面的性格优势来舖助您的天赋才能以完成这个梦想;
  3. 我们的价值观存在于我们的思想和感受里。另一方面,我们的性格却展现在我们的行动和行为上。

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