The Key to Happiness (VIA Stop 1-1) 幸福的钥匙(第一站-1)

The online training was conducted by Dr Ryan Niemiec, the Education Director of VIA Institute on Character and a Licensed Psychologist.  Dr Ryan informed that participants are from 15 different countries spread across several continents and time zones.  It is indeed heart-warming for me to know that so many of us are interested to explore more about character strengths.

The first lesson focuses on getting to know each other, the administrative and logistic stuff and a brief introduction to VIA Character Strength, the “why’s”, the “what’s” and the “now what”.

At this point, I think it is important to understand better the WHY – Why Character Strength? Why VIA Character Strength? Why it is important? Character Strength is important because it  underpins a person’s WELL BEING, which, according to Prof Martin Seligman the father of Positive Psychology, has five measurable elements:And USING and APPLYING your key strengths lead to more positive emotion, better engagement, more meaning in life, better relationships and more accomplishment!

莱恩博士,VIA研究中心的教育署署长和心理学家,负责进行这次的在线培训。从莱恩博士口中获悉,这次培训课程的参与者来自15个不同国家,分布在不同大洲和时间区。这实在是很鼓舞人心的 – 竟有这么多人有兴趣地探索性格优点的知识!

第一天的课程,着重于了解课程的参与者,行政与后勤方面的安排。然后,莱恩博士简要介绍了性格强项 – 如:“为什么要探讨性格优点?”,“什么是性格优点?” 等等等等。 在我们再进一步之前,我认为大家应该先更好地理解性格优点的重要性。性格优点到底是什么?它是重要的吗?为什么?性格优点非常的重要,因为它支撑一个人的幸福!根据积极心理学之父马丁塞利格曼教授,一个人的幸福有着5个可测量的元素:

着重使用您的主要性格优点 将会使您有更积极的情绪,更完全的参与投入,更多的人生意义,更好的人际关系以及更多的成就!


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