The Study of Character Strengths 性格优点的研究

I chanced upon the study of Character Strengths while reading the news on Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, dubbed the “Happiness Professor”.  Dr. Tal Ben Shahar became famous when he was teaching Positive Psychology in Harvard University where his class was the most popular class in the university.

I listened to his talks on youtube and later registered for his online course “Introduction to Positive Psychology” I found myself so intrigued by the subject and was determined to find out more. I started reading books by Tal Ben Shahar and, from him, obtained a few more recommended readings which led me to the book “Authentic Happiness”  by Prof Martin Seligman.

It was in this book I first came into contact with Character Strengths and Virtues.

Useful links for you reference:

  1. Dr Tal Ben Shahar’s personal website (If you are looking to understand better on the subject matter  HAPPINESS, I strong encourage you to register for his online course “Introduction to Positive Psychology“. For USD98.00 where you are given 5 lectures for a period of 45 days, it is definitely value for money.)
  2. The book “Authentic Happiness”


我开始阅读塔沙哈尔博士所写的书籍,并从他书本里获得一些推荐读物 –马丁塞利格曼教授的书:“真正的幸福”。而就正是在这本书里,我第一次接触到了“性格优点和美德”的知识。


  1. 沙哈尔博士的个人网站。(如果你正想更好地了解“幸福”的课题,我鼓励你去注册他的在线课程“积极心理学简介“。为期45天的在线课程只须USD98.00,绝对是物有所值。)
  2. 马丁塞利格曼教授的书:“真正的幸福”。

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